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A woman of wisdom

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A woman of wisdom

Sun 22-05-2016
topic: Wisdom

by Sister Abigail Fosu

She knows what she is worth
She knows that her body is a temple of God
She knows that to be wise, she shouldn't think twice about God's ways of doing things.

She knows that the way of the wicked isn't for her, so she keeps her feet away from it.
She knows that there's only one way to go to her Father,
so she knows that she should be steadfast in every step her feet makes.
She knows that with love, more things are accomplished than with hatred.

She knows that the things she says, are things that come from a heart to another heart, so every word that comes out of her is love.
She is wise not because of the worldly wisdom but because of God's wisdom

by: Sister Abigail Fosu
(Netherlands) - Dutch Assembly