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Tue 14-06-2016
topic: Singing

by Sister Louisa Fofie
Verse 1
I was lost
Couldn’t find my way
In the dark
Had no hiding place
I had a dream
To others, Just a dream

Pre chorus
I got to find myself
Need to break out of this shelf
Show me a way

Help me God to be free
And see the beauty within me
Take all the fear in me
Please God release me
I don’t know where to go
Show me a way Lord
Give me strength to take off
I want to fly

Verse 2
Insecure, had no self believe
Opinions of people
were taking over me
but in the end
It kept me away from my dreams (my dreams)

I want to go
across the mountain
Shining your light
Through your strength
Through your strength alone

Pre chorus

I know You’re the one
That can set me free
but my mind keeps reminding me of my fear
I can feel your strength
Taking me towards the light
Of hope and faith
Unconditional love

Finally I am free
You’re the God of deliverance
You took away my fear
You released me
I know which way to go
You made a way Lord
Now I can spread my wings
I want to thank,
Thank You God

by: Sister Louisa Fofie
(Netherlands) - Dutch Assembly